Preparation of documentation and support in public procurement

We can provide various services such as:

Preparation of documentation for public procurement, according to the applicable legislation;

Preparation of Technical Specifications;

Preparation of guidelines for applicants, including methodology and evaluation criteria;

Evaluation of Public Procurement;

Negotiations and contracting.

Preparation of calls for project proposals under the programme ``Environmental Protection and Climate Change`` of the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area 2014-2021

Preparation of public procurement documentation with subject: Assignment of engineering for the needs of construction of a new administrative building for the Administrative Court - Pazardzhik, District Prosecutor's Office - Pazardzhik, District Prosecutor's Office - Pazardzhik

Consultancy support of the MA of Operational Programme Good Governance for the preparation and implementation of a procedure for providing grants through the selection of project proposals for NGOs and social-economic partners under Specific Objective 3 ``Increasing citizen participation in the process of policy formulation and control`` of Priority Axis 2 “Effective and professional governance in partnership with civil society and business``