Project Management:

  • Providing expert assistance for the management of programmes and projects;
  • Monitoring and preparation of progress reports;
  • Performing on-the-spot checks;
  • Budget reallocations and optimizations;
  • Amendments of contracts;
  • Financial management, control and verification of costs.

    State Aid:

  • Consultations of public sector bodies on applicable State aid regimes;
  • Consultations on services of general economic interest;
  • Consultations on State aid block exemption regulations;
  • Consultations on the application of State aid rules in specific sectors;
  • Consultations on horizontal, vertical and regional State aid.

    Administrative Capacity:

  • Assessment and analysis of the organizational and functional structures;
  • Risk assessment and analysis, staff and training needs;
  • Preparation of manuals, rules and procedures;
  • Updating of the legislative regulations;
  • Conducting trainings.

    Evaluation and Analysis:

  • Evaluation and analysis of Operational Programmes;
  • Evaluation and analysis of projects, plans and programmes for development;
  • Assessment and analysis of strategic documents.

    Strategic Documents:

  • Sociological research, analysis, statistics and database processing;
  • Analysis and assessment of needs;
  • Budgeting of measures, programmes and projects;
  • Strategic planning;
  • Development of strategies, plans and development programmes.

    Programming, Planning, Preparation and Evaluation of Project Proposals:

  • Examination of funding opportunities;
  • Preparation of comprehensive application forms/ project proposals;
  • Preparation of feasibility studies and investment projects;
  • Preparation of application guidelines, including methodology and evaluation criteria;
  • Evaluation of project proposals;
  • Preparation of contracts for the award of a grants.

    Public Procurement – in compliance with national law and PRAG:

  • Preparation of procurement documentation in compliance with the applicable legislation;
  • Preparation of technical specifications/TOR;
  • Public procurement evaluations;
  • Negotiations and conclusion of contracts.


  • Providing legal advice;
  • Preparation of cost-benefit analysis;
  • Conducting specialized trainings;
  • Preparation and implementation of information and publicity measures;
  • Providing other services related to the company's activities and competencies.